Simple.Beauty Blog – What and Why

Welcome to the blog! My name is Jay and I have a great amount of interest on the things that we put on our faces on a daily basis. I have a diploma in professional makeup artistry and have worked as a freelance makeup artist. In the past, I would have been what people termed a “beauty junkie”, spending vast amounts of money on cosmetics and skin care products that I did not need and weighing myself down with them.

My former life as a beauty junkie. Still a work in progress.

Over the last year, through the influences of the minimalism movement, I have worked on re-examining this obsession with chasing makeup trends and my consumption of makeup and skin care products. What I realised was that there was so much excess with makeup and that I longed to reduce the process and the number of products I was working with. Instead, I would like to be more intentional and minimal in the types of makeup and skincare products I use. During my stint as a makeup artist, I also realised that the usage of a few suitable but basic makeup products and techniques were all that was necessary to dramatically improve a person’s look for their day-to-day lives. The same could be said for skincare.

Thus, this blog aims to provide a closer glimpse into makeup and skin care products beyond just their beautiful packaging and trendy appeal and into how effective they are in improving our skin and makeup. We will also explore how necessary they are and how they work. With these articles, I hope to, in the process, learn more about the chemistry of skincare and makeup, as well as to have a discussion to help all of us make more intentional and better choices in the products we use.

I hope can help us all move to be more educated and socially responsible in the way we care for and beautify our skin.


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